Our skilled teams carry out pneumatic and electrical service, overhaul, supply and installation work on all sorts of ocean going vessels around the world.

  • Main engine pneumatic remote control system (all makers)
  • Extensive stock of Nabtesco, Rexroth, Wabco and Haewon pneumatic spares
  • Overhaul of main starting valves, steering gear, VIT’s and reversing cylinder
  • Evaluation, repair, upgrade and overhaul of electrical controls, main engine, generator main switchboard and alarm systems
  • Electrical design, planning and execution of conversion projects, LSMGO, N2 generators and electrical control retrofits
  • Power quality analysis, load studies and energy assessments
  • Air circuit breakers and electrical control equipment / switchgear
  • Switchboard repairs, testing and certification
  • Emergency shut-down system
  • Engine and generator controls (all makers)
  • Tank level gauging system (all makers)
  • Oil discharge monitoring and control systems ODME, 15PPM, tamper proof bilge discharge units (MasterTrack 588)
  • Ballast water treatment system (SeaCure)
  • ICCP – CAPAC (all makers)
  • MGPS – CHLOROPAC (all makers)
  • Alarm monitoring systems (AMS), indication and protection in ECR, CCR and bridge (all makers)
  • Automatic unloading system (AUS)
  • Viscosity and density – solutions for F/O applications
  • Ship performance and hull stress monitoring systems
  • VDR/SVDR system
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