Automation & Control Systems

With a strong and experienced management group, a highly skilled and competent team of specialist ship automation engineers and over 20 years experience within our field, we offer our clients a one stop solution for their day to day maintenance and running global repairs anywhere, anytime.
  • Bridge maneuvering system
  • Marine propulsion bridge control system
  • Boiler automation (BMS/ACC) service, repairs (all makers)
  • Control loops, valves and valve positioners, temperature and pressure controls
  • IG systems
  • Fixed and portable gas detection systems, OMD (all makers), graviner, servomex, viscometers etc.
  • Emergency shut-down system
  • Engine and generator controls (all makers)
  • Tank level gauging system (all makers)
  • Oil discharge monitoring and control systems ODME, 15PPM, tamper proof bilge discharge units (MasterTrack 588)
  • Ballast water treatment system (SeaCure)
  • ICCP – CAPAC (all makers)
  • MGPS – CHLOROPAC (all makers)
  • Alarm monitoring systems (AMS), indication and protection in ECR, CCR and bridge (all makers)
  • Automatic unloading system (AUS)
  • Viscosity and density – solutions for F/O applications
  • Ship performance and hull stress monitoring systems
  • VDR/SVDR system
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