Responding Quickly and Effectively…

… is what makes us the preferred choice.

With a strong, experienced and professional Management, a highly skilled and competent team of specialized Marine Automation Engineers and over 20 years of exposure within our field, we are well equipped to offer our clients a one stop solution for all their day to day running repairs. Our expert teams carry out Electrical, Electronic and Pneumatic services, Supply and Installation work on all sorts of ocean going vessels. In addition to this, we also undertake Calibration and have a state of the art Electronic Card repair facility.

We do not simply “jump on a plane” and come to you, we first work with you to assess the specifics of your immediate problem. Our “on call” specialist diagnostic team will troubleshoot, make appropriate suggestions and work in tandem with your own “on board” engineers to identify the root cause of your problem. We will then discuss and agree with you on the best course of action to be taken to resolve these issues quickly, safely and with an economy of scale.

Commercial ships are expensive complex assets that need to be kept moving to ensure your client’s needs are fulfilled. We work together with you to achieve the most effective solutions at all times.

The Ability to Deliver

LINK offers professional troubleshooting, repairs and overhauls on, for example, M/E pneumatic remote control systems, from an entire system right down to a single component. A permanent stock of spare parts from various makers ensures instant support 24/7.

Professional Maintenance Engineer
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